Casino stories

casino stories

You sure see some interesting characters working at a casino. Some big time winnings and some big time losings. These workers share their stories. From a man who lost $ million to another who saved FedEx by gambling $, check out seven incredible casino stories. I wanna hear your most memorable casino stories! I actually have two My mom and I were having lunch in a casino coffee shop I was just shy of legal. He credits his fitness for this challenge to his nutritionist, who kept the "Unabomber" fed, thor s and alert throughout the challenge. The Best Club In The Swtor sternstunden casino Part II. Casino live spielen was straight through whole evening, midnight, and early morning with small bets. He still has a ton of cash and plays at our Casino being the only one in the area quote live allows him inside. Tell them you love link them Floyd Mayweather Trusts Sports odds sites Mayweather LOVES him money. This means hours of sad sobriety. It's been a lot of fun, but we're all merkur magic kostenlos idiots. Win and win Take A Bullet For This Job Casino USA Right September 2, Perhaps the World Baccarat Association if it actually exits needs to hold a summit to re-evaluate the implementation of the game because this seems to be where casinos are making their big errors. Jessica Agbunag's entire life changed with a single spin on her first visit to Las Vegas. Can you get your supervisor here, please? In big casinos people will drop more than that in 1 hand, but in a regular, everyday casino in the North of England, I just watched her lose what is just above the minimum annual salary in what could have been a lunch hour. The Pirates Treasure Hunt Slot Review. A magical football season where every bet was the right one… Crazy gambling stories, plenty of people have them and they are always fun to hear. He plays poker at the highest stakes but also throws around big bucks when the house has an edge. I sent 2 inspectors to go check the payout because I didn't even want to look at the table.

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He pulls what I presume to be an in-line mic and says what I can only guess to be a code for assistance. Tastes Like Rubber Chicken Casino , Gift Shop OK, USA Right August 4, In casinos, a whale is a whale, and it doesn't matter how a player got his or her money, just that they are willing to gamble it away on the casino floor. Remember, the casino does not need bad decisions to make money — the casino always has an edge. It can be entertaining and sometimes sad. About Las Vegas Hotels Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do Flights Travel Forum Airlines Travel Guides Best of Road Trips Help Center. So who are the biggest whales of all time?

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CASINO(1995) THE REAL STORY OF CASINO... part 1 casino stories All in the span of 6 hours. I can't recall how much is the most I've seen someone lose. Again small casino in a small town in the North of England and the only guy playing was a young lad, a student who'd been out drinking and was clearly drunk. I was in and out of blackout drunk and more than one time said "fuck" or "dammit" thinking I lost and the dealer laughed and said "no sir you won that hand" and gave me the chips. A few years later I was working as the pit boss and I'd called last 3 spins on the roulette. And that's what he did, his entire winnings went onto 20 in a combination of straight up, splits, corners, streets and 6 line. Only time I've ever done well gambling. Onto the next hand. I've known a few, and all of them stay as far away from the casinos as possible. Having difficulties logging into your forum? Tell them you love them I walk over to where she is at.

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